Is Office developed using C++, C#, and WPF?

Believe of C#(even Java) as handled languages which undoubtedly provides the developers excellent flexibility, ease, etc

. When it comes to speed, C & C++ is the de-facto standard throughout the Tech market. When it comes to mission vital applications(or other Applications which require to carry out fast) where latency is a criminal activity, business still choose to utilize C and C++.

One essential thing to mention in today’s world is the Inter-operability of these languages. For example, you may compose a C# WPF application however you can call an unmanaged (C++) element from your C# code which does the required task and gets you the outcome.

Today, Hybrid is the method to get and go maximum out of everything.

While others have offered excellent responses, the one area that we truly can provide a conclusive answer on – is WPF used in Visual Studio? Enhancements and efficiency enhancements to WPF came because the Visual Studio team were facing the same disappointments as WPF designers in other companies, when they were rewriting parts of the designer to use WPF.

At this time, they also changed the way they filled extensions to become a lot more MEF based – undoubtedly, the entire VS extensibility design was upgraded. MEF is a.NET innovation.

If the designers of the software application in question have done their job correctly, then they will have established using what ever was the finest choice for their project at the time it was written.

Visual Studio and Office are not “quickly applications”, they are basically GUI applications where efficiency is not usually a top priority. Quick applications would be computation engines which do a lot of number crunching, there C++/ C would be a good language to obtain high performance.

Second Of All, Visual Studio and Office are lovely old applications, going back 20 or more years. I do not work for Microsoft, however I would speculate that there’s a huge base of old code written in C and later on C++ which has actually not been ported to C# . Data validation to excel in c#. I think of some of the top level GUI code may be C# however there’s a big base of old code in DLLs which is simply interfaced from the main application. There would be a significant effort to port much of this code to C#, there would be no real functional improvement and much of the code is for rarely utilized legacy functions.

According to former MS employees and interns its nearly all straight C. I have actually found when looking at code (I have never seen Microsoft Source Code for any of the above products) that even when companies declare to utilize C++ they regularly are just composing C code. Their mainline products are composed in C and some of their other products (such as WPF and others) are apparently written in C#.

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