How much of Microsoft Office is still written in C++?

All the significant workplace applications are written C++. This is the exact same for Windows by the way. Both products include hardly any handled
The factor for this is the investment we have in C++ development – it is expensive to switch to an entirely brand-new advancement system. While incredible (I enjoy C# development), the Common Language Runtime does have some expenses that could be challenging to live with (can use more memory, start-up time, servicing).

Remember, both Office and Windows ship to many 100’s of millions
of consumers each and every single year. Both work on a very broad range of system abilities and types. This suggests both product team need to develop for a set of restraints that many other group’s do not face (though some do).

In a mission to answer the initial question I discovered this recent interview with two MS devs (I followed a link from the Visual Studio 2008 Start Page feed). The conversation highlights some of the extremely real advantages C++ still has more than managed code, yet it has actually been discredited and over-shadowed (unduly and improperly in my opinion) for the last decade or more.

When Microsoft announced.NET back about fifteen years back, I ‘d believed Id take the problem to learn it as soon as Microsoft started using it as the implementation language for Workplace.
I’m still coding pure C++ and have yet to write a line of C# or whatever.

I worked at Microsoft for 7 years in various companies and I had a great deal of good friends in numerous other organizations.
You can quickly get a job at Microsoft where the main programs language that they use in the team is C#. Go examine out

Microsoft doesn’t depend on.Net to ship customer products (Word, Excel … and so on are all C/C++), however rather utilize C# mainly for server side items and sites.

Many of their items are being written in C# such as the previously discussed SharePoint. Much of the management user interfaces for the System Center items and Windows Server apps like IIS management are also written in C#. The core OS (Server and Client) and Workplace products are primarily C and C++.

I do not straight code at Microsoft however have looked at a lot of Source code and yes, many of CORE OS elements are all written in C++. The majority of the handled DLLs are simply wrappers around native components which are all written in either C or C++.

C# is utilized in many other locations, SharePoint and Windows shop apps are some examples.

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