Can’t locate Microsoft.Office.Interop in Reference List

I was provided this option to an issue I had, given that I didn’t know how to incorporate MS Word with C#:

I checked out this solution, and I cannot locate Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word in the recommendation list. I can’t discover it under COM Things either. What am I missing? I am utilizing Visual Studio Express 2012.

The answer to this question is that you HAVE to install MS Office on your computer system.

You must set up the Microsoft Office main interop assemblies (PIAs) in the international assembly cache of your advancement computer system prior to you can perform particular development jobs. Typically, the PIAs are installed instantly when you install Office on the advancement computer system. However, sometimes you might have to set up the PIAs independently.

You may likewise use NuGet Package Supervisor in order to set up the reference. Go to Project -> Manage NuGet Plans … Browse for “Interop.Word” and install that plan.

Examine if the library (Microsoft.Office.Interop.word) exists in the assembly folder of windows (C: \ Windows \ assembly) else you can install it from

Today you only need find it in your aesthetic workshop.

Select the consoleApplication( or even title of you use) in SolutionExplorer home window and

Go to Include -> Referrals- > Browse and also uncover C: \ Microsoft window \ setting up \ GAC_MSIL \ Microsoft.Office.Interop.word or comparable directory. press ok and also your can easily now utilize the library in your application.

I have actually currently developed Oulook Include on making use of Visual Studio 2010 with VSTO

It benefits OFFice 2007, 2010 and 2013

Now Office 2016 has really been actually launched. is actually the exact same treatment will work with 2016?

Is actually there any customizations in VSTO as well as PIA Variant for Office 2016? is actually those has been actually introduced?

or even when will be launched? is there any type of websites to track the release?

If any, Whether i need to establish those?

Enjoyed for acquiring an advancement guidance in Office 2016

It does not matter specifically what PIA variant you take advantage of in the job. The add-in should operate correctly till you make use of members introduced in more recent Office variants. Figure out more about that in the Running Solutions in Various Versions of Microsoft Office short article.

Always keep in mind, you may make use of the late-binding technology for accessing residential properties, approaches as well as events in a lot more recent Office varieties also when utilizing older PIAs. See Type.InvokeMember.

Theoretically, the particular very same add-in may be made use of in 2016. No substantial changes have been actually produced to VSTO; concerning the item style (exactly what’s presented in the PIA) you must inquire in an Outlook-specific team. Office 2016 has been launched, already months earlier.

I possess a c# (VS 2015) app that recommendations Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel

If I put together as well as establish up that app on a maker that actually possesses both Office 2013 and.Net 4.0 yet when I explore that computer body I can certainly not discover Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.dll on it anywhere which, I presume, is what I need.

My code is made up of oXL = brand-new Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Application(); along with the above recommendation.

There is actually no various installer for Office 2016 PIAs. You can easily install all of them as a part of Office 2016. See The Very Best Ways To: Set Up Office Key Interop Assemblies for more information.

The .NET application will look for the dll in the global assemblies and bind to whatever appropriate dll there is dynamically. edit excel in .NET

DLL = dynamically linked library

There are various dlls for dofferent variations of office and on various platforms (32 bit versus 64 bit). In other words, do NOT include the dll in your package. Capture exceptions in case office is not installed.

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